Let’s go to… Namhae Island!

We have a secret and we have been dying to share it with you…

We got a car!!!

Since moving to Yeosu, we have been a bit jealous of our mobile friends. They have quite a repertoire of places around Korea that they have traveled to. While in Seoul, we never even considered getting a car as the public transportation was so plentiful. We simply didn’t need one. Yeosu has buses and trains as well, but certainly not as many. Getting out of the city has proven to be costly with lots of cross country buses and high speed trains. So began our quest for wheels.

We decided to hit the road up to the island of Namhae and take along our video camera so we could properly introduce you to “Su Ji.” She’s definitely not the newest car on the road, but she has style! We got her for a steal of a deal through Ryan’s co-teacher.

We have had our eyes set on exploring Namhae for quite some time. The island, also known as Treasure Island, is formed by a large mountain range that rises from the sea floor. It is connected to the mainland by a red bridge resembling a small Golden Gate Bridge.

We got a bit distracted on our way to the famous rice terraces by the gorgeous coastline. We eventually had to pull over and explore a bit more. We headed down a path and eventually made our way to the rocky shoreline.

Eventually we left the crashing waves of our small cove and headed back to the car. We were determined to find the rice terraces that were featured on CNN’s 50 Beautiful Places to Visit in Korea. We thought we had gotten lost, but realized we were only five minutes away!

Pressed for time and still wanting to catch a beach sunset, we jumped back in the car and headed 10 minutes up the road to the Sachon Beach. It isn’t the most famous beach on Namhae, but it still offers some pretty amazing views of the sunset over our city of Yeosu!

We can’t wait to take more road trips around the country and share more of our adventures to come with you! Be sure to check out our video for more of Namhae, our annual Hangeul Day Challenge, and our new road warrior, Su Ji!



4 thoughts on “Let’s go to… Namhae Island!

  1. Lily Lau says:

    Su Ji definitely rocks! You made a good choice, I always choose public transportation but I understand there’s a point in which you need a car, to forget about hurries, timetables and so on.

    • Hedgers Abroad says:

      It is one of the best ways to see the countryside! After living in Seoul, we moved to a more rural area and having the freedom to just jump in the car and go wherever, whenever is so nice!

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