Train Travels – Suncheon Garden Expo

In Seoul, we did most of our travels via subway. The Seoul metro was rated the best subway system in the world by CNN  because of it’s cleanliness, technology, and ease of use. We were sad that we would be leaving such an amazing mode of transportation when we moved across the country to Yeosu. But then, we discovered something equally spectacular! Trains!

We have ridden the KTX a couple of times before and were really impressed by the high speeds and how nice the train cars were. The KTX tickets, however, can get a little pricey. This past weekend, we decided to try a different type of train, the Mugunghwa. Named after the national flower of Korea, the Rose of Sharron, this economy train is still quite nice and speedy and also costs less that a third of the price of the KTX!

So, we have decided to start documenting our train  travels around Korea. We will visit other cities and provinces in search of new adventures, and we will tell you all about them here on our blog!


For our first train trip, we went to the nearby city of Suncheon. A short 15 minute ride and 5,200 won later (about $2.50 each), we arrived! Suncheon is known for their Garden Expo. In case you have never heard of such a thing, a garden expo originated in Europe around 150 years ago and was meant to showcase different gardens around the world. The Suncheon Garden Expo was held last year and was the first one in Korea. Today, the expo site remains open and the gardens still taken care of. The entrance fee was 5,000 won each, and totally worth it.

We underestimated how big this place was. Featuring different gardens from around the world, exploring the entire place would take you all day! We arrived in the late afternoon, because the night before we had been up until 5:00 am Skype-ing my brother’s wedding. We walked around the grounds for around three and a half hours and still did not see it all!


We really enjoyed the Korean gardens and how tranquil they were. There are other gardens showcasing different countries around the world, however. We simply needed more time to fully enjoy them all!

The entire place was simply incredible. We have never seen such interesting gardens and art installations. There was even a hedge maze… but of course it was no match for Ryan’s staggering stature! It was quite funny to hear people gasp as they noticed his head sticking out from above the bushes.


We plan to go back soon and revisit this beautiful place. We will definitely make a full day of it the next time!


5 thoughts on “Train Travels – Suncheon Garden Expo

  1. Duke Stewart says:

    Cool post! I love that Suncheon is so close via train. The Bay is up there on my top places to visit in Korea. Too bad we haven’t met yet. Hope to run into you guys at some point.

    • Hedgers Abroad says:

      We really wanted to visit the bay, but there just wasn’t time. It was also really cloudy that day, so pictures of the sunset probably wouldn’t have been very spectacular. Next time we go back, that is on our top things to see list. We should definitely try to meet soon!

  2. tingting says:

    hi there,
    i would like to visit sucheon during my next trip to seoul
    would u have any idea/advise how do i go from seoul?
    thank you!

    • Hedgers Abroad says:

      I would suggest ktx train for the fastest travel, but for cheaper options try looking into the other trains or go by bus. There is a lot of information about this on the korea tourism page:

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