Korean Noms – Mail Order Burritos

South Korea loves its fast delivery culture. You can have almost anything sent to you or hand delivered for fairly cheap, including having yourself sent to work if you’re running really late for work and willing to cling to the back of a delivery scooter.

Phones, being in everyone’s pocket, have started having amazing applications for ordering a whole array of Korean Noms without having to struggle through language barriers on the phone. Take this a step further though and include foods that are nearly impossible to find outside of Seoul (oh how we miss the foreign food options), and you have a recipe for installing permanent holes in your wallet.

Although late to the game, we discovered Gringos Burritos. This burrito company makes fantastic burritos that they will gladly mail to you anywhere in Korea. Their website contains their menu and other interesting reads including instructions for ordering, prices, and other pertinent information. Ordering is relatively painless and includes a fast bank transfer for the bill (ours was a special deal of 55,ooo won) and an email to the guys over at Gringos with shipping information. Basically, with online banking, you just transfer your total owed to the bank account details they give you once you commit. If you don’t have online banking through your Korean bank you can have the money transferred at the bank or at an ATM if you have those methods figured out. Then they get your contact information and address for shipping. It’s really that easy. Make an order, pay, and provide shipping info. The whole process took me about 10 minutes, which is roughly the same as ordering anything online, just without all of the formatted forms. They make and freeze orders over the weekends and then mail the next week using overnight mail. Perfection.

The burritos were quite good! We also ordered a pint of very good salsa and a pint of bean and cheese dip. Overall we were quite satisfied with our experience with Gringos and look forward to our next order. The food was incredibly good and all ingredients are fresh as can be. They do great work providing tasty Mexican food to those geographically and culinarily isolated.  If anyone has questions about their service or have tips about other such businesses, let us know in the Comments Section below.


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