Let’s go to… Yongma Land!

Yesterday, we participated in the Weekly Photo Challenge from the Daily Post, “Abandoned.” We heard tales of an abandoned amusement park. Once called Yongma Land by throngs of excited children, now defunct and dilapidated. We just had to check this place out. If you enjoyed the photos, we hope that you also enjoy the video of us acting like adult children in this deserted place.

Although the rides have long ago been unplugged, the property owner will gladly allow entrance for 5,000 KRW. This fee gives you the run of the place within reason. There are a few boarded and locked areas, but the majority of this park is accessible. Much of the park is still arranged as it was during operation, but many corners of the property house veritable graveyards of rides, booths, signs, lighting rigs, and furniture. We climbed around on old bumper cars, rode dead merry-go-round horses, and explored over, under, and around the buildings and toys.

Some of the attractions were very outdated, but still mostly intact. The park provides endless opportunities for photos and have been featured in many Korean Pop music videos. It’s not hard to see why, either. Even while we were there some presumably famous female was posing all over the rides for fifteen photographers. No idea who she was, but she apparently warranted a swarm of guys with expensive cameras all taking the same picture as each other for an hour. Definitely a strange spectacle in a stranger place.

Yongma Land was certainly an obscure and interesting experience. To get there, take the Jungang Line to Mangu Station, Exit 1. From here, either follow our map to arrive on foot (our personal preference), or take a taxi using the address below. We saw quite a few taxis come and go, so they would probably be able to get you there by simply asking to go to Yongma Land. When you get there, either look for the owner or call his cell phone number that’s posted on the signs near the entrance. He doesn’t speak any English, so expect to speak Korean. Whether or not you enjoy the abandoned and forgotten places as much as we do, Yongma Land is an interesting property to visit.



서울특별시 중랑구 망우동 산69-1


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