Weekly Photo Challenge – Object

This weekly photo challenge from The Daily Post is ‘Object.’ A few photos instantly popped into our minds and we, once again, hooked up the hard drive and waded through all our albums in search of said photos.

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

This museum in Bentonville, Arkansas was founded by the daughter of Sam Walton, the man behind Walmart and Sam’s Club. This museum is architecturally beautiful and has a lot of really interesting art as the wealthy heiress of one of the largest businesses in world spared no expense. Art historians place the museum’s quality, range, and depth as among the very best.

Two mangos


During our recent stay at a traditional hanok home, we found these two little melons sitting oh-so-picturesquely outside one of the guest rooms.

Japanese cherry blossom

During our short visa run trip to Japan, we explored some of the shrines and found several little wooden signs hanging from the cherry blossom trees.

A sea of objects above

Last year’s Lantern Festival in Seoul brought a sea of lanterns to the temples, streets, and just about everywhere else you looked. Simply beautiful.

His object

St. Elmo, Colorado is a ghost town since the mining industry shut down and the railroad that ran through the town was abandoned. Many of the buildings are still in tact and it is considered one of Colorado’s best preserved ghost towns. This little guy had his very own object sitting on top of an old wagon wheel.


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