Korean Noms – Street Food

Happy Seollal everyone! For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s the Lunar New Year! Here in Korea they celebrate by going home and being with family, much like Chuseok. We got two days off from work, our first break in months, so we decided to head into Seoul and celebrate!

Seoul clears out during this holiday, and the second most populated city on Earth starts to feel like a ghost town. We wandered the streets taking pictures of the emptiness, perfectly content. That is, until we started getting really hungry and realized that all the restaurants were closed and a hot meal was going to be hard to find. We made our way to the neighborhood of Myeongdong, a popular shopping district. We were surprised, and pleased to find that everything here was just as busy and bustling as usual. We welcomed the site of the crowds as we knew that meant we could find a bite to eat.

Though Myeongdong is certainly best know for it’s shopping, along the streets you can also find many food stalls selling all sorts of goodies. We decided to forego the traditional sit down meal and instead opted for a conglomeration of delicious and fried foods. Be sure to watch the video to see some of the amazing street food that Korea offers!


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