Weekly Photo Challenge… Family

This weekly photo challenge was so much fun for us. We are lucky enough to have an incredible family on both sides of our marriage and we feel like these pictures truly embody our relationships with these terrific individuals. We hope that you enjoy some of the more epic photos of our family dynamic and hope that it conveys some of the crazy bliss that family impresses upon us.

3 Hedger men

Hedger-Men posing for Christmas. An average evening with Jason, Jeff, and Ryan…

Family resemblance

Stephanie and her mom, Jill, at our wedding. The family resemblance is striking.

Kelli's visit

Seoul’s Lantern Festival with Stephanie and Kelli. She visited us in Seoul for a terrific spring experience where we truly felt the warmth of family while overseas.

Shotgun wedding

Jeff and Sandy’s mock “Shotgun Wedding” including all of the children. Men with fishing gear and the women with firepower.

From that thrift shop down the road...

Stephanie’s dad and brother, TJ, in a Branson, MO thrift shop showing off their period clothing. Such gentlemen.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge… Family

  1. Dad (Van) says:

    I have always loved that picture of you and your mother Stephanie. You both are so beautiful and look so much alike. This will always be engrained in my mind (what is left of it) and in my heart.

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