Weekly Photo Challenge… Window

This week’s weekly photo challenge is “Window.” We really love going through our external hard drive every week searching for our favorite photos. It is usually too difficult to choose just one photo, so we narrow it down as best we can. Ryan loves photography and is always taking pictures. Our hard drive is overflowing with pictures, and we love the opportunity to share some of them with you in each weekly challenge.

An abandoned gas station along Hwy 72 in New Mexico. One of Ryan's favorite drives.

Highway 72, New Mexico

An abandoned gas station along Hwy 72 in New Mexico. One of Ryan’s favorite drives.



An old barn on a ranch somewhere in Colorado… what a view!

Genoa, Colorado

Genoa, Colorado

The view out of the Wonder Tower claims to overlook six states!

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois

Our friend’s apartment in Chicago had some killer night views of the city.

Anyang, South Korea

Anyang, South Korea

Finally, our favorite window. Our apartment in Korea has an entire back wall of windows overlooking a beautiful mountain.


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