Weekly Photo Challenge… Beginnings

We thought about this photo challenge for a while and debated how we wanted to approach it since we didn’t want to seem too cliche or obvious. Instead we got a bit self-centered. Whatever. We wanted to share with you some of our beginnings as a couple; the beginnings that brought us to where we are now in our lives, living abroad in Asia.

We first met through a student organization we had both joined. Ryan was in the process of leaving Oklahoma to attend photography school in Chicago, but in a whirlwind of a couple of months, those plans changed. He stayed in Oklahoma to be closer to me.

Our first date pottery glazingOn our first date painting and glazing pottery together!

I, in turn, stayed with him after I graduated college, not wanting to leave his side. We started another chapter in our lives by moving in together and we never looked back. We adopted two cats and a dog and became a happy little family. A year later, we got engaged!

After a short engagement, we got married and started another new and exciting adventure. Our wedding was in Tulsa, OK in the middle of a record setting heat wave. We like to attribute some of that heat to our love, or whatever.

Our wedding in 2011

We honeymooned in San Francisco and Ryan buckled down to finish school so that we could set out on our most recent undertaking together; our move to South Korea. Our bags were packed shortly after his graduation and we were soon teaching English and living abroad!

Our new beginning in Korea!

And here we are; living in a wonderful country, teaching and enjoying life. Although we have enjoyed the anticipation and excitement catalyzed by each new beginning, it is always the reward that comes afterwards that will press us on to the next!


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