Weekly Photo Challenge – Joy

This week’s photo challenge is to capture one of life’s most important emotions: JOY. Throughout our lives, the joyous moments will be the ones that we remember the most. We immediately knew which photos we would chose to share, as they were so unforgettable. As we were sorting through these, we realized that our family spends most of their time with their mouths agape. While it is funny to see, it also testifies to their happiness.

A blade of grass

Marquavion’s blade of grass is better than your’s.

First catch of the day

Ryan’s dad finally tricked a fish!

First time in the ocean

Stephanie’s first time in the Pacific.


In San Francisco on our honeymoon. We were wrangled into this string band…

Stephanie and her brother

Stephanie and her brother being adult children.

Happily ever after

And finally, our happily ever after together. Pure joy.


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