Only in Korea – Christmas Photo Booth!

In our continued search of all things terrifically strange in Korea, we ventured to the Anyang ilbun-ga (first street) to find a much anticipated business model that is sure to impress. Right across from McDonald’s and Starbucks, there is a photo booth store that promised ridiculously epic photos with editing options. We entered with much apprehension, as our success would greatly depend upon our navigation of computer menus in Korean. We stepped in and the manager quickly ushered us into a curtained booth where he took my wallet and proceeded to feed 6500 won into the machine.

Let us impress the utter confusion and stress of this photo experience. We selected our desired backgrounds from the screen and were immediately being photographed without much warning. After the first couple of mistake photos we familiarized ourselves with the timing and interface and caught a couple of decent pictures.

After the rapid-fire photo sesh, we were ushered to a computer screen that allowed us to add clipart to our pictures and edit with comical stickers. Again, we were timed and struggled to add an appropriate amount of stickers while learning the interface and options. We had selected Christmas backgrounds, so we added some Santa hats and options that seemed fitting.


I hope that you all enjoyed our video and our Christmas photos! We had a great time struggling through the whole ordeal and laughing at our inability to understand Korean. In the end, we felt it was pretty comical and worth every penny. Merry Christmas everyone!


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