Weekly Photo Challenge – Unexpected

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is to find pictures that embody the unexpected. We at Hedgers Abroad have combed through our archives to select a  few photos that showed something from our experiences that epitomize something “Unexpected.”


Beautiful encounters with nature can be unexpected moments that remind you of the connection all people are able to sometime experience. This photo was taken at the Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, California. We were walking the beach enjoying ourselves and suddenly a baby seal sprinted up the sand, curious at the strange creatures he/she encountered. We snapped this picture just before lifeguards ushered everyone away from the scene, explaining that a curiosity for humans was not wise to foster in baby seals. Interactions were discouraged, as they might teach this beautiful baby to make future trips onto the shore. Unexpected seal encounter.


Stephanie’s face says it all. While on family vacation in Colorado we rented a cabin in which to spend a week amongst the aspen and evergreens. While lounging on the front porch, we noticed a friendly chipmunk. Over the course of the week, “Chubs” became quite friendly as he grew more emboldened in his conquest for peanuts. Sometimes we didn’t even know he was around when he would suddenly spring up and attack our snacks. With respect for nature, we didn’t feed him trash foods, but we did enjoy giving him some protein-riddled peanuts and love unexpected attacks such as this classic.


Anyang-si, South Korea. This small city we live in has an Art Part that used to be named the “Anyang Pleasure Park.” This title has various connotations, so the “Anyang Art Park” was born. Some of the art if stunningly beautiful, however all of it is scattered throughout a spacious stretch of woods at the base of Gwanaksan (Gwanak Mountain) Hiking Area. Since these displays are in the woods, some of the more eccentric displays can be quite unexpected. There is whole section on mutant animals, but this dino-shark takes the cake with its treed distance from the hiking path.

 Picture 344

While in a Canadian supermarket, Ryan stumbled upon this refrigerator of milk. Homogenization has never been so unexpected.


This is a sculpture. An ultra life-like sculpture. While touring the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas, we came upon this gem. Stephanie was disturbed, but this picture is pure gold. We have other pictures with the sculpture in focus, but this one shows the best reaction to this unexpected display.


Bush Man is a legend around Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, California. This guy makes a meager living hiding behind his homemade bush and jumping out to scare people while they walk his sidewalk. He has been doing this for years, and he will undoubtedly continue to frighten tourists with his unexpected brand of entertainment.

We really hope you guys enjoy our photos showing our most unexpected memories. There are somethings that you prepare for and understand, but the unexpected keeps you guessing and keeps you paying attention.


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