Thanksgiving Abroad

With the holiday season upon us, we have started to feel a little sad being so far away from family. Living abroad can be very rewarding, but it comes at a price. In past years, the holidays meant rushing from one family gathering to the next and trying to cram as much face time as possible into our limited amount of vacation days. We always felt rushed and pulled in so many directions during these times that we occasionally considered taking a vacation from holidays just so we didn’t have to deal with all the pressures. This is a perfect example of how easy it is to take something so precious for granted and ruin it with petty selfishness.

This will be our first major holiday apart from our families and it has made us a bit weepy. When you move abroad, you come to realize and have a deeper understanding of things. Back home, we were always surrounded by our wonderful families and friends and we simply took those things for granted. We aren’t saying that we dislike our new lives here in Korea, by any means. We are having some pretty amazing experiences and discovering new things about ourselves that we never knew before. We do, however, appreciate what we left behind now more than ever.

But enough with the sentimental overload! Here are some things that we are thankful for:

1. The internet!

Having high speed internet as enabled to stay connected in so many ways while living in Korea. We can watch American television, stream movies, and even cheer on our favorite sports teams (Go Pokes!). Blogging has also become a big part of our lives. Our family and friends can catch up on our adventures and share in our experiences vicariously. Not to mention… SKYPE!!! Which bring us to…

2. Family

Whether by blood or close bond, we have been beyond blessed with an amazing support group. The people in our lives have shown us love through their encouragement, wisdom, and care. Even when they don’t particularly agree with some of our crazy whims, they are always there for us. We love you all!!!

3. This new experience

Selling all of our possessions and packing the remainders into four suitcases has forever changed us. We’ve encountered some struggles with adjusting to a new country and way of living, but it has all been for the better. We have grown closer together, we have more patience, and we have come to better understand ourselves and our relationship.

4. Each other

We have always cared and loved one another. We have always been really close. When we moved abroad, however, that bond somehow got even stronger. We rely on one another a lot more now that we are living so far away from home. I don’t think either of us could imagine going on this crazy adventure without the other to help and give support when needed.

5. You!

Yes, you. We started this blog as just a way to keep our friends and family posted on our travels and adventures, but now more and more people also want to share in those experiences. We can’t believe how fast our blog has grown in the past few months alone and we are so thankful. Happy Holidays, guys!!!

 Thanksgiving Abroad


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Abroad

    • Hedgers Abroad says:

      Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!! Yesterday, we didn’t have turkey, but last weekend we did happen upon a night club in Itaewon that was giving a free Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, and rolls!!! How did you all celebrate?

      • Thomas Shepard says:

        Ah, I am glad you snagged a traditional meal of turkey and all the fixin’s! Tomorrow we’re headed to a small town where our friends live to cook all day and feast. Last weekend we were in Ulsan and we hunted down a nice 6kg bird (it was the biggest turkey Costco had!) so we’re excited to also have some turkey and all the ‘normal’ foods that goes along with it! Have a good weekend you two.

  1. Grandma says:

    We miss you a lot and think of you and pray for you. We are also thankful for you and for this wonderful (most of the time) experience you are having. I hope this comment goes through. I have sent others and I don’t think they went but I went to a facebook class and in the discussion, I think I figured it out. We’ll see. We love you both. Grandma

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