Korean Noms- Samgyeopsal

A while back we made a video of some of the delicious fish noms we had while in Busan. We have often been asked what the food is like here in Korea, so we have decided it was time to start making some more food videos. We will be doing these posts a couple of times a month. We are excited to share even more of Korean culture with you as well as some of our favorite things to eat in Korea! We hope you all enjoy newest section of our blog, Korean Noms!

As we were preparing to move here, we were watching as many Korean food videos as we could, drooling over all the things we saw and memorizing the names of dishes so we could order them upon our arrival. While living in Oklahoma, we weren’t exposed to much Korean food. We had actually only tried it a couple of times before coming here due to the lack of Korean style restaurants. We did manage to find one Korean restaurant in Tulsa called Seoul Bistro that was pretty authentic. There, we had a couple of jjigaes, similar to a stew, ddeokbokki, and of course, kimchi. Many people also talk about Korean food being spicy, but I suppose they have never had Ryan’s dad cook for them.

One of our first meals here was Samgyeopsal BBQ and it was magical. The meat is unseasoned thinly sliced pork belly which comes out to the table uncooked. It may sound strange, but this is one of our favorite parts of eating Korean BBQ, cooking it yourself. Along with the meat, we usually grill kimchi, garlic, and gochu (spicy red or green peppers). Once finished cooking, you typically wrap your meat in a leaf of lettuce along with your grilled kimchi, garlic, and whatever other toppings you desire. One of the most common dipping sauces used is called ssamjang, which is a paste consisting of chili paste, soybean paste, and sesame oil. So many people love this meal because you can customize all the toppings to your liking.

We shot the video at our favorite Samgyeopsal restaurant that is near Ryan’s school. It is one of the cheapest BBQ places we have found. Three hundred grams of meat costs around 7,500 won (around $7.50). We also order soup and soju to share. All together, the meal ends up being about 12,000 won ($12.00), and we leave the place feeling super full. We have been here quite often, so every time we walk in, we don’t even have to order anymore. They just bring out our meat and soup with a big smile on their face! Hope you all enjoy the video!


5 thoughts on “Korean Noms- Samgyeopsal

  1. 71997199 says:

    You have gotten pretty good at cooking. Bet the ladies have quit coming over and trying to fix it for you! Love your blogs! Hugs!

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