Fall in Korea

This week brings another intensive round of training for us at school. Everyday we have to wake up at 6 am to commute on a 2 hour + bus ride into Seoul for three hours of training and then hurry back to our schools in order to teach our classes until late into the evening. It is pretty intensive to say the least, and we are sad to say that we may not find the time in between this chaos to sit down and blog. This is, however, the last week of training that we should have to endure. In the meantime, we will try to make short posts in order to keep you all up to date.

This past weekend we took a relaxing walk through our city which is now in full fall color. We set out to find some shots of the beautiful trees around our neighborhood. The river behind our apartment is lined with ginkgo trees, whose fruits in the summer smell absolutely terrible, but now that fall is here, they are all bright yellow.

Fall back home in Oklahoma can be gorgeous. However, the summers can sometimes be really hot and dry, so occasionally the leaves will all turn brown and fall off the trees before the fall season even arrives. Korea gets a lot of rain and therefore their seasons are much more colorful. We find ourselves walking around with our necks craned, looking at all the vibrant trees.

Hope you guys enjoy all the pictures and bear with us until we are once again able to start making more posts in the upcoming week! If you all would like to see a bit more photos of Korea in the fall, be sure to check out our past post where we hiked in Bukhansan National Park!


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