Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

 There is something about horizons that inspires a lust for adventure. There is an obvious correlation between horizons and the thematic adventures of Easy Rider, Thelma and Louise, Kerouac’s On the Road, and countless other novels, movies, etc. The horizon beckons us onward to explore the next ridge and push the next boundary. This week’s photo challenge is “Horizon.” We hope you enjoy the photos that we have selected, and hope that they inspire you to venture onward on your next adventure, pushing toward the horizon in a search for what else there is to experience.


The mountains of Bukhansan in northern Seoul, South Korea


The painted desert in Arizona, USA


Sunrise with a time lapse figure. Port Aransas, Texas, USA


Chicago skyline from the northern end of the city at our friend’s apartment.

Picture 337

Unable to remember the name of this lake, Alaska, USA


Sunset at Venice Beach, California, USA


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