A Day in the Life – TV Show Project

It has been a crazy week for us here in Korea. Our school, where we’ve been working for 8 months, decided that all the teachers would go through yet another round of training… for 3 weeks! Three times every week, we’ve had to wake up at 8 am, catch an hour + long subway ride during rush hour into Seoul, sit through two hours of training straight through lunch, and then get back to our city as fast as we can so we can get to class on time and teach until seven or ten pm, depending on the day.


Needless to say, it’s not been fun. We also have not had many chances to sit down and blog, which we really love doing. We have quite a bit of stuff we have been looking forward to sharing with you, but have just not had the time. 15 hour long work days will do that to you. But, we are not here to go on and on about our crazy work schedules. We actually wanted to share with you something that makes our days so much better despite the long hours; our students!

In the past, we had our segment called A Day in the Life, where we showed you a little of what we experience as teachers here in South Korea. We actually put that segment on hold for a while because we have been so busy, but today we are proud to show you a short video of some of my students hamming it up. Their lesson was about aggressive dogs and who is to blame for dog attacks. Their performance required that they make a TV show wherein they would interview a dog attack victim, a dog owner, and a dog trainer.

These kids are always dramatic and you can see in the video that they really enjoy performing. We hope you like this video, and we hope to be getting back to blogging more often in the coming weeks once our training schedule calms down. Enjoy!


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