Weekly Photo Challenge… The Hue of You!

This week’s photo challenge is called The Hue of You. Well, for us at Hedger’s Abroad it’s more like The Hue of Two ! If you know us, or have read our about section, then you know that we met each other while in college at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma. America’s Brightest Orange is the color that we haven chosen to best represent us, as we fell in love while wearing this wonderful hue and attending this beautiful campus.


In front of the school library last year. Go Pokes!!

Some of our fondest memories are of football season. Tailgating and going to the games were some of our first dates together. Cheering our team on to victory brought us closer together and bemoaning the occasional loss strengthened our bond.

Side by side pictures of our first Homecoming together and our last Homecoming before moving to Korea. (Click to enlarge!)


Yes, they dye the water in the fountain bright orange!!


At the newly remodeled football stadium!

We lived together in Stillwater for over four years together before packing all our things to come to South Korea. We made so many memories there together, and a part of our hearts will always remain there. Our choice for the color that best represents us will, without shame, be a hue that most people reserve only for Halloween: orange!


For Homecoming, each of the Greek houses join up to make huge house decorations completely out of tiny pieces of paper and chicken wire. We have the largest Homecoming celebration in the nation. This particular one always gets me… “a home where our feet may leave, but never our hearts.”

Just a few more pictures of some of the house decorations at Homecoming! (Click to enlarge!)


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