Capture the Colour Contest

We were so excited to be nominated by our blogger friend, Elicia from Life’s a Journee to take part in the Capture the Color Contest! The contest is hosted by Travel Supermarket and the rules are pretty simple:

1. Publish photos that best represent 5 colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and White.

2. Help spread the word of the contest by nominating 5 other bloggers.

3. Email or tweet Travel Supermarker to let them know that you have joined the contest.

4. Check their twitter account to see who wins!

We love travel and Ryan loves photography, so we spent a while going through the old external hard drive looking for photos that represented the colors. It was a hard choice to make, and we definitely kept second guessing ourselves. Nevertheless, here are our five photos that we finally choose!



Our first picture actually comes from the old home state of Oklahoma. One thing that we truly miss is red dirt. We anticipated this and actually brought some to Korea with us!



You may recognize this beautiful place. Lake Louise in Canada. Ryan and his dad traveled there one summer on their way back home from their one month road trip to Alaska.



On our trip to Fukuoka, Japan, we toured the Maizuru Castle ruins in the middle of the city. This shot was one of our favorites.



Springtime at Bongeunsa temple in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea. These little yellow flower trees were everywhere.



The backside of Mount Alice in Seward, Alaska. Ryan and his brother, Jason hiked to the top to the weather station and happened upon this amazing glacier.

So here are our nominations, and in no particular order:
1. Journey Count – The adventures of Jade and Oli. A great couple living and teaching right here in Korea.

2. Cornish Kylie – Meet Kylie from England who lives and teaches in Thailand!

3. Seoul State of Mind – An awesome photographer from Seoul!

4. The Soul of Seoul – Fellow American expat who has been living in South Korea since 2006.

5. Infinite Satori – Stephanie of Infinite Satori is an amazing photographer who also loves travel!

Hope you all enjoy a little competition!


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