Stamps in our passports… Taiwan!

As some of you may know, next week Korea celebrates Chuseok. Chuseok is kind of like the Korean equivalent to Thanksgiving in the states. It is a harvest festival and people here celebrate it by going to their ancestral hometowns and eating a feast of traditional foods. The three day holiday this year starts on Wednesday next week.  From what we hear, Seoul, a city of just under eleven million people, empties out and becomes a ghost town.

Because of this three day holiday, we have have Wednesday through Sunday off next week and seeing as we have no ancestral village to return to, we started thinking about things we could do with our time. Working at a hagwon, we don’t get a lot of vacation days. Every once in a while the school will give us a three day weekend because of some national holiday, but three days isn’t enough to really go very far away. The last three day getaway we had, we managed to get on the KTX train and rush to Busan for a short time. Needless to say, we were pretty excited about having five whole days to ourselves.

We decided to take advantage of this rarity and booked a flight to Taiwan!! It just so happened that our friend, Kenny, is returning home to Taiwan after teaching here in Korea on Monday. We decided to meet up with him in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, where we will be staying for part of the trip. He promises to show us all his favorite places and we cannot wait!

As always, we will be taking photos and video while we are away so that we can show you our favorite parts of our first real vacation since we got to Korea.


2 thoughts on “Stamps in our passports… Taiwan!

  1. Dad (Jeff) says:

    Yippee! Sounds like fun. So glad you’re going to have a vacation and are taking advantage of the opportunity. We miss you immensely, but love the posts and videos.

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