Let’s go to… the Han River and rent bikes!

It is now fall, and though the leaves have yet to change colors, the temperatures have been amazing, so this past weekend we decided to spend another day out in the beautiful sunshine! This weather has been perfect for being outdoors and filming some of our videos. We have been having a lot of fun recently going places and sharing with you bits and pieces of Korea, and we hope that you too have been enjoying following us along the way. So for this week, Let’s go to… the Han River and rent bikes!

02There are many places along the Han River in Seoul that you can rent bicycles by the hour. These are usually priced for around 3,000 won per hour (about $3) for a single bike, or if you are feeling particularly romantic, there are tandem bikes for 6,000 won per hour (about $6). There are also a couple of places that have bicycles to use for free! For the complete list of places to find these bicycles, scroll down to the bottom of our post where we’ve included a map.

We chose to stay near Gangnam since our friend was having a going away party there later that evening. We purchased two bikes at a rental shop near the Express Bus Terminal Station in Banpo Park. When we first got our bikes, it was pretty crowded. Everyone seemed to have the same idea as us and we were feeling a bit claustrophobic from being packed in with so many other people on bikes. However, as we continued our journey down the river, the people started to thin out. The views of the river and the surrounding neighborhoods of Seoul were incredible. We passed a few of the famous bridges along the Han on the way and managed to snag a few pictures of the scenery.

We then pedaled our way along the river towards Yeouido. Yeouido is an island on the Han and is Seoul’s main business and investment banking district. It is also the home of the famous golden 63 Building, the world’s largest gold-cladded building. ’63’ is in reference to the number of it’s official floors. We stopped and relaxed for a while and enjoyed the beautiful views on Yeouido before heading back to Banpo Park. The round trip took about three hours.


Be sure to check out our video and follow us as we ride along the Han River from Banpo Park to Yeouido! You can also subscribe to our Youtube page for more.

Here is the map of the bike rentals along the Han River. For even more information, click on the map to check out Discovering Korea’s post about cruising the Hangang.



7 thoughts on “Let’s go to… the Han River and rent bikes!

    • Hedger says:

      haha Gangnam is in South Korea, alright! The name literally translates into Gang (River) Nam (South). It is a very wealthy neighborhood of Seoul that is just south of the Han River.

  1. Josh says:

    I gotta say, your guys’ idea with making so many different videos is great! I bet your family and friends back home love it, I know I enjoy watching them and look forward to the next one and I don’t even know you guys 😉 haha. Looked like a great time!!

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