Only in Korea – Inappropriate Ice Cream

Of all the parts of Seoul that we frequent, we visit Insadong the most. Maybe it is the street performances by shaman priests, or the eclectic shops that line this arts district, but we always find ourselves returning to the area. Insadong has many blog-worthy aspects, but for this post we will focus on one of the funnier things you might see walking down the street. WARNING: This post contains items shaped like the letter “J.”

This is ice cream in a cone. Literally none of this cone’s design makes sense to us. Watching people try to eat this awkward treat dumbfounds us every time we see it. It eventually became necessary to try one ourselves. We have taken covert pictures of people eating their inappropriate treats numerous times, so it was our turn. For scientific purposes, of course.

The ice cream is similar to soft-serve back home, and people call the cone a “puff cone.” The crunchy cone is almost like the puffed corn in breakfast cereals. We can’t even begin to ponder the reason for the shape, though. After you purchase the cone, an ice cream technician uses a pump to fill the cone from both ends with a small amount protruding from each opening, then you’re ready to humbly go about your day.

The line wasn’t too long on our last visit, so we bought one and made this video. We hope you enjoy it. The next time you’re in Insadong you should give it a try, too!


One thought on “Only in Korea – Inappropriate Ice Cream

  1. immanuelaj says:

    Lol, they’re selling the exact same thing in Bangkok now. As in, it’s a shop with Korean words plastered all over it, so I assume it’s from the same company. The taste was so unfortunate, though. Absolutely plain like McDonald’s soft serve.

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