Free ESL Games and Books!

Hey guys! With the start of our new fall semester, we have been on the look out for more ESL websites that could help us out with our new lessons. Even though we work at a hagwon that is owned by a major corporation with strict guide lines for us to follow with complete lesson plans, there are still times that we find the lessons to be a little sparse so we are always needing more fillers. We really enjoy finding new activities for our students and we love sharing them with you!

First up, is Lantern fish ESL! This website is made by ESL teachers who live and teach in Asia and North America. They heard your desperate cries for free teaching materials and have answered! Stumped on what to do for class? They have entire lesson plans for you to use. You can find word searches, worksheets, and there is even a job board with several job postings for ESL positions. However, my favorite is their ESL games section. They have many different board games that build different skills such as reading, listening, speaking, and so on. Click on the button below and go check them out!

ESL Games

This next website was shared with me via one of my blogger friends, Elicia from Life’s a Journee. We Give Books was created by the Penguin Group and the Pearson Foundation as a way to share books with children who don’t have them. This is also a great tool for us educators who also don’t have many books for their students. You can easily use this in the classroom by simply finding a book, and projecting it onto your screen for the whole class to see. The books are all conveniently labeled by age group, genre, and author. There are plenty of books for all kids up to the age of ten. You do have to register, but it is completely free and totally worth it! Click the button below to start browsing their website!



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