A Day in the Life – Creative Thinking Projects

Hey guys! Sorry about the late post, but we are actually starting the new fall semester and have been super busy with prepping for our new schedules and classes. We normally post A Day in the Life on Mondays, however we are going to have to push these back a day or so because Mondays are now our longest day of the week. We are excited to have all new students and can’t wait to show you more from our everyday lives here in Korea!

This week we are going to show you yet another portion of the classes we teach. The structure of all our classes is separated into language skills such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Once a week, though, our students have what is called CTP or creative thinking project. It encourages the kids to be more creative while using the English language on their own. They are given a prompt that relates to the other lessons earlier in the week. This is actually one of my favorite days of class because some of the kids are super creative and come up with some really amazing projects.

All the students, from every class level have to do these. The younger kids are simply given a situational dialogue that in groups they have to memorize. At the end of the class, each group must present. They are scored based on memorization and acting. The older kids have harder projects and they have to be creative either with drawing pictures to illustrate their ideas, or writing in a creative manner. These are actually pretty hard for the kids because they have to think independently and come up with and execute these entirely in a language they are still learning.Some kids really excel in this task, while others really struggle with free thinking.

Here are a couple of examples from one of my older classes. Our lesson was about comets and the prompt for their project was to make a book about what the ancient people of Earth probably thought comets were. Many of my students went with “it’s the end of the world!”

So for this week’s video of A Day in the Life, we would like to show you some more of the past week’s student submissions. Hope you all enjoy the video and if you have any comments or questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section below!


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