A Day in the Life – “Teacher, I love you!”

Teaching ESL abroad can have it’s ups and downs. Some classes are great, while others are a real struggle to get the students to focus and listen. Every now and then it will get frustrating and it’s hard to stay positive. However, sometimes you have kids who, no matter what, can put a smile on your face and remind you why you love teaching ESL.

Last week we showed you Ryan’s youngest class being adorable. This week, it is my turn to show you my youngest. I have only two boys in my starter class and recently they learned the phrase “I love you.” Now, everyday they sit down and say, “Teacher, I love you!” They are a little camera shy, so I had to be sneaky in capturing the moment on video.



3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life – “Teacher, I love you!”

  1. cornishkylie says:

    How adorable! This week I have been marking midterm test papers and I have lost count of the amount of ‘I love teacher’s that have been snuck onto test papers for extra points!

  2. martininkorea says:

    Some classes are a pain in the ass! I have this one class with ten students, mostly girls, all ages 10-11. It’s such a task to get them focused on the lesson and keep them from doing other stuff (like putting on make up, drawing pictures, reading other books). I usually have to take away their stuff or kick them out of the room if they don’t listen. Other classes are so much fun! Even the bad classes can be fun, just give them a little space, respect and try to make the lesson fun. Prizes, videos and other things can help keep the kids focused. When it comes time to use discipline, be firm and yet caring. Always, always be in communication with your [Korean] co-teacher (if you have one) to get an idea on how better manage your classes and tell them if you have any problems with the students.

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