Only in Korea – English Idioms

Since coming to Korea we have been sometimes taken aback by the slightly strange and amusing things that we stumble upon. Korea has it’s own unique way of doing things and we are constantly amazed at the things we find. We have so far only shown you the historical and touristy side of Korea. Now we wish to share with you all the things that really make us love living here. The things that happen Only in Korea.

For our first post, we want to talk about one of our favorite things to come across: the funny English translations, or Engrish. This past weekend, while shopping at a local textbook store, we found an amazing book for learning the idioms of the English language. We spent quite a bit of time flipping through the pages and enjoying a good laugh. This book covered all useful English phrases from street talk to slang. We managed to snag some pictures of some of our favorites.

First up is the common phrase do a number two. This is a particularly helpful saying to know when studying the English language just in case you find yourself needing to express a certain and sometimes urgent need.

english duh

And speaking of do a number two… Let’s go over how to correctly use the phrase ‘poopie shit.’

english duh4

Stay tuned for more weird and wonderful findings!


6 thoughts on “Only in Korea – English Idioms

  1. Dad (Jeff) says:

    Hilarious! Just thought you would enjoy knowing I shared this post with the entire Hedger gang in Colorado…we laughed until we cried. Anxious for more. Wish you were with us!

    • Hedger says:

      Glad you all enjoyed! We are really excited about this new section of our blog and can’t wait to share with you! We miss you and wish we could be there in Colorado with you.

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