A Day in the Life – Ryan’s Youngest Class

A Day in the Life is the newest chapter on our blog! Our goal is to show you what it is like in the daily life of an ESL teacher living in South Korea. We had so many questions about our job before we came to Korea, and now that we are here, we want to show you what it is like teaching abroad.

We both work for a franchise private school, or hagwon. We applied online with recruiters and right away, we were receiving emails with job offers. We accepted a couple’s position in a city right outside of Seoul and have been living and working here for five months.

We will update weekly and give you a sneak peek into what our daily jobs are like. Hope you all enjoy!

For our introduction, here is Ryan with his youngest class. He only has two girls, and whenever they finish the lesson early he lets them put stickers on his face. These two cuties are already able to read at around a 2nd grade level and they are 6 and 7 years old. In the video they are pretty shy, but they can be a handful.


Chairs make the best desks.



3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life – Ryan’s Youngest Class

  1. Rusty Wallace :) says:

    Loving the new look Ryan!!! Jking. I hope all is well for you two!! Looks like an amazing adventure!! Great job Stephanie and Ryan!!!

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