The 4th of July in Korea

Why yes, in Korea we still celebrate the 4th of July by grilling meat and drinking beer. We just do it in the middle of a mountain stream.

Ryan, Kenny, Soo and I bought almost three and a half pounds of meat, kimchi, watermelon, and soju for the occasion. We loaded up into a taxi and headed to Gyeongin University in Anyang. The university is surrounded by mountains and there is a beautiful stream running down the mountain straight to the campus.

IMG_3319 copy

In the summertime, Korean families love to have picnics together. Many of them bring tents and canopies so they can stay out all day long. So we decided, in honor of Independence Day, we would spend the day together doing just this.

Kenny found a makeshift broom and made our spot spotless. We set up next to a small pool of water where we could keep our drinks cooled and lounge about in if we got too hot.

IMG_3306 copy

IMG_3328 copy

While the boys were in charge of managing the meat, Soo and I finished off our red, white, and blue outfits by painting our nails.

IMG_3318 copy

IMG_3315 copy

We stayed out all day and really enjoyed getting away from the city and relaxing next to the mountains.

IMG_3310 copy

IMG_3330 copy


One thought on “The 4th of July in Korea

  1. Dixie Kennedy says:

    Ryan & Stephanie, I really enjoy your messages and pictures. I am so glad you are having a good time. Love and miss you.

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