Spring Is Here!

Korea is in bloom and spring has sprung! It is so beautiful here right now with all the cherry blossoms trees lining the streets. Korea seemed to change overnight; one day everything was brown and dead, and the next trees and plants were turning green.

There are a lot of cherry blossom festivals in Korea to celebrate the coming of spring. All of our friends told us to check out the one in Seoul on the Han River, but most festivals here are shoulder to shoulder with people. If you know Ryan and I, you know that we like finding places away from the crowds.

So instead of going to the festivals, we walked down to the river behind our apartment. Anyang river flows through many districts of Seoul and is a distributary of the Han River. Along the river there are miles of walking and bikes trails and, this time of year, the river is lined with cherry blossoms and forsythia bushes; big yellow bushes native to Korea and China.





Hope that you all enjoy the pictures!

Stephanie and Ryan


6 thoughts on “Spring Is Here!

  1. Dad says:

    Glad Spring has sprung there! Redbuds are fading but the dogwoods are in their prime here…if they last through another frost tonight! Thanks for the update…good to see your smiles again!

  2. Richard says:

    Beautiful photos! Hope you are getting paid so you can eat! We are glad that you are getting to see the world. Love you. Grandma and the old man

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