Cafe NiaNia

Not  just any other cafe, Cafe NiaNia is a Cat Cafe! Korea has many of these gems, and there just happens to be one right by our apartment! Oh happy day >^^<


You can order coffee, smoothies, juices, sweets or cat treats. We got our coffees and were immediately surrounded by the herd.


There are signs everywhere saying to please not give coffee to the cats, however, the way some of these felines were pacing with their eyes the size of saucers, people have obviously disregarded this rule. The cats would sneak up to your cup and try to dip their paws inside to steal some of your Latte. Some cats were daring enough to try to grab your cup while you were drinking. These cats had a serious caffeine addiction.


They had a full library with books about cat facts, cat mangas, cat picture books… You get the idea! We sat around for quite some time. Ryan caught up on his journal and I signed their guest book.


The cats all had their own personalities and it was a lot of fun to get to spend some time with them. It did make us miss our kitties back home, though. We will definitely be going back to Cafe NiaNia >^^<



Stephanie & Ryan


3 thoughts on “Cafe NiaNia

  1. Dad says:

    Good job keeping up the journal, Ryan! I’m sure you guys enjoyed the Kittty Cafe…I kept thinking of Health Dept. regs and how that place would get closed and padlocked here! Keep posts coming! Love ot you both…..

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