The Recent Concerns

We wanted to address the issue that is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. A lot of family and friends have been expressing concerns about the things that have been appearing in the news lately concerning the DPRK. We too have been keeping an eye on what is going on and are staying updated always. We have made plans in case anything did indeed happen. Certainly we appreciate how much you all care about our safety, but it does get irritating when not a day goes by without someone commenting on our impending doom.

We do sometimes feel nervous and uneasy, but we are prepared. Threats from the North have always been thrown around (particularly after a new president takes office, which occurred in late February).

There have been many struggles since we have gotten here, but every adventure has struggles. It’s the struggle that we remember the most and we learn to adapt and mature. In all the trips and places we have gone, the first things we think of are the problems that arose. On one roadtrip with our friends in the states, a tornado hit the lake we were camping at and we took shelter all night in a women’s restroom. On the trip to the gulf with my brother, T.J., our rooftop luggage flew off our car in the middle of a highway in Houston and the boys ran out into traffic to save our belongings from being run over. Ryan and his dad broke down north of the Arctic Circle in Alaska with no one around to help for eight hours. We have so many of these stories!

We have been told that we are foolish for deciding to come, that we may fail or that something could go wrong. However, the chance of failure has never before deterred us from a great adventure and no matter how much you plan, safeguard, or scheme life is full of surprises. Moreover, avoiding danger is no safer in the long run. In the words of Helen Keller, life is either a daring adventure, or nothing!

That being said here are a few pictures of the amazing things we have been up to so far! Be sure to check out our Flickr account for the rest of the photos! We love and miss you all!

Ryan and Stephanie

Gyeongbokgung Palace in Gwanghwamun


Teaching this cute kiddo how to feed the pigeons


Bongeunsa Temple in Gangnam



Temple kitty >^^<


Trees are finally starting to bloom!



Hiking the mountain behind our apartment with our friend, Kenny





9 thoughts on “The Recent Concerns

  1. Darin Harter says:

    Have fun you guys. And i wouldn’t be too concerned over the hot air being spouted in the north. Miss you guys, and hope to see you in the future!!

  2. Jessica Kerbo says:

    Read some of your blog posts! Im so proud of you guys for going on such an amazing adventure!! 🙂 This experience will probably make you grow more than anything in your life. What program are you there through? Anyways, congrats and have fun!

  3. Dad says:

    Love the pics! It was nice to see Ryan in short-sleeves….most shots look cold. Great adventure, great smiles…anxious to talk again. Is that Yoda that Stephanie is holding in the silouette?

  4. Chris Ball says:

    A ship in a harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” – great nineteenth-century theologian, William Shedd, or John A. Shedd, or Benazir Bhutto, or GRANT M. BRIGHT
    Not sure who said it.

    I am proud of your sense of adventure. See all that you can, do all that can, cause you may never have this opportunity again in your life.


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