Trip to Japan

We have been here for three weeks now! That is hard to believe…

As some of you know, at the beginning of January, we submitted our paperwork to our school in order to get our visas. The school didn’t submit our paperwork in time to the Korean Consulate and so we had to come to Korea without our work visas. We are currently on travel visas, which only last for 90 days.

The school said that now in order to get work visas, we would have to travel to Japan, which is where the nearest Korean Consulate is. They said they would book the flights for us and also a hotel for us to stay overnight.

For the past couple of weeks, our school director has been looking for available seats on flights going to Japan. The date has been pushed back a few times, and now that we are already teaching our own classes, the school will now how to find subsitute teachers to cover our classes while we go.

The latest news is that we are to fly out this week on Thursday and come back to Korea on Friday. Sorry the updates are still so rare. We cannot get internet in our apartment until we get our Visas. Surely all of this will get worked out soon and we can really feel settled into life here in Korea!

With Love,

Stephanie and Ryan


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